Grace Anglican Church's Past Projects

The Truth Project


A twelve week tour of Biblical Truths produced by Focus on the Family.


"I don't suppose we can properly grasp the full essence of what it meant for the infinite, holy, omnipotent God of the universe to put on the form of finite man and dwell among the living dead.  The reasons for Him doing this are probably deeper than we could possibly comtemplate.  However, it is not as if we have to guess about this thing.  God has given us clear testimony in His Word concerning the reasons why He humbled Himself and 'made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.'  (Philipians 2:7)"  Dr. Del Tackett


Dr. Tackett answers the question "What is Truth" in the first of twelve lessons.  


After each session John Deery would announce "This is the best one yet!", and it was.


Parish Picnic