Our Work

"Our nation is spiritually hungry and at the same time starving for lack of gospel truth being lived out in daily practice.  As an authentic experession of living faith in Jesus Christ, the Anglican way is beginning to capture the attention of a new generation seeking God."  The Reverend Dr. Samuel Schutz (ordained by Bishop Bill Murdoch, ADNE, June 26, 2010 at All Saints Church in Amesbury.


We pray for God's blessings on our humble beginning.  We seek his presence and trust in him.  We rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him.  We desire to live the gospel truth in our daily lives and ask that the Holy Sprit guide us on our Lord's chosen path.

The Bishop pays a visit

On March 11th our Bishop traveled to the Fitchburg, Leominster area to celebrate the Eucharist with all of us at Grace Anglican.  He reminded us that, since we are a mission of the ADNE he is our Rector.  At a fellowship luncheon following our service he shared with us his visit to Calcutta and his meeting with Mother Theresa.  A memory that still brings tears to his eyes.  Mother Theresa brought the transforming love of Jesus to all she met.  A humble woman she ministered to all the Lord sent to her.  She went out into her community to serve.  Our desire at Grace Anglican is to go out into our community.  We have been placed in close proximity to Fitchburg State University and our Lay Minister, Matthew Brench, under the mentorship of Archdeacon Don Roberts, has already been on campus to share the “good news.”  Matt’s already bearing fruit.  A student from the campus attended our Ash Wednesday service, and recently brought two friends to our Sunday service.  We ask for your prayers for Matt as he reaches out.  In her book “Reaching out without Dumbing Down” Martha Dawn says:  The task of the Church is to praise God and nurture character.”  She says further, “Like the earliest Christians, we want to be a people formed not by the ethos of the world around us but by the narratives of the Scriptures and by the community of believers.”  God is giving us a chance to make a difference.  And we can only make a difference with His help.  Please keep our mission in prayer.